Crazy Rap Battles 1 Super Mario VS Sonic The Hedgehog

Crazy Rap Battles 1 Super Mario VS Sonic The Hedgehog

Crazy Rap Battles 1 is the 1st Crazy Rap Battle. Super Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog go against each other to see who is the better video game character.

Super MarioEdit

It's a me a Mario, have you got a problem bro?

Doctor R is coming, well tough you freaking ho.

I've got a princess to save, a turtle to slay,

So take your blue ass and get out of my way.

You're an animal, I'm a person, so shut the hell up,

With your raps about your mother cos I shagged her up the butt.

Have you played on my kart game and unlocked all the cups?

Exactly, you haven't, you're a useless little runt!

Sonic The HedgehogEdit

I don't need your help, I can run faster than lightning,

The way your rhymes suck is awfully frightening.

I've got millions of fans wanting to be like me,

I'm the blue Usain Bolt, running wild and free.

Where's Peach gone? Oh, I've got her right here,

She said you and Luigi were lonely, homey queers.

So get back on your Yoshi and ride back to Italy,

Oh, and order me a pizza, I'll buy it for free!

Super MarioEdit

The pizza you'll be getting is my fist in your face,

All your games suck and all the kid's money goes to waste.

I don't even ride on Yoshi cos that dude has a life,

Unlike Olympic running wanna be's who can't even get a wife.

Even my mustache is bigger than your dick,

I even got into sex business, fifty cents a lick.

You stupid, gay fag, go fuck yourself,

I'll take away all your pride and crush your trophy shelf!

Sonic The HedgehogEdit

You stalker, you pervert, that sounded too personal,

I recorded all those threats in my little journal.

Cos I'm mature, not a whore, I go with the law,

I don't slice through apples until I'm right up to the core.

Jumping on mushrooms, now that's really low,

And going in stores containing toads with bows.

Unreal, bad peel, I don't need no wheels,

Cos I'm the best hedgehog in this world who has a good taste and feel!

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