Crazy Rap Battles 2 is the 2nd Crazy Rap Battle.Commander of the 3rd Reich and pwer hungry politian 
Crazy Rap Battles 2 Adolf Hitler VS Osama Bin Laden

Crazy Rap Battles 2 Adolf Hitler VS Osama Bin Laden

Adolf Hitler and terrorist responsible for the 9/11 attacks Osama Bin Laden rap against each other to see who is more evil.

Adolf HitlerEdit

Hail me, bitch, and join the Nazi party,

Take that towel off your head and that suit for karate.

I am the German leader, you're a monster in the sand,

Remember, you're not white, so you cannot get a tan.

Your face looks like my balls, you really need to shave,

America's not happy, so you'd better behave.

I know I can't say much myself, but a Jew killed my mother,

The only reason you're angry, is cos New York has more cover.

And you got all your brothers, and sent them planes out flying,

With your happy little crew and destruction multiplying.

Oh my gosh brov, that wasn't so bad,

You may have done bad things, but you'll never beat my camps!

Osama Bin LadenEdit

Adolf Shitler, the angry German, insane,

His square mustache must have been has big as his brain.

Al Qaeda shall rule, Nazis shall drool,

The camps are for gypsies to chill and look cool, you fool.

I make rupees off the loopies with the bombs,

You made no cash what so ever, you bong.

People mimic you today, call you gay, and smart guys always say,

Isn't that the guy who never got laid?

And saved no one at all, the world is appalled,

And what makes it even worse is that you hide behind a wall.

I last longer in this den, high up on this mountain,

Don't need to go out for fluids, cos I got a water fountain!

Adolf HitlerEdit

Shut up Mister Muslim, have you ever been to Mekkah?

Disrespectful to religion of Allah could be better.

It's too late for sorry now, cos you're already dead,

The Americans got their rifles and shot you as you bled!

Osama Bin LadenEdit

Big deal khuta? You killed yourself,

You wasn't perfect anyway, you gassed your own health.

You sir, could have been a good man instead,

If you didn't stick stars on random people's heads!

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