Crazy Rap Battles 3 Neil Armstrong VS Buzz Lightyear

Crazy Rap Battles 3 Neil Armstrong VS Buzz Lightyear

Crazy Rap Battles 3 is the 3rd crazy rap battle. Neil Armstrong, first man to land on the moon and Buzz Lightyear, popular space man toy (also seen on toy story) go against each other to see who is the better space man.

Neil ArmstrongEdit

Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon,

I bet you still think it's made of cheese, grow up you buffoon.

You just copied Aldrin with your slappy crappy name,

My rhymes are brought quality, your rhymes are brought lame.

I had the balls to test rockets that weren't even safe,

You're a toy, you aint real, you've not solved a true case.

You're a waste of space and a waste to space,

I mean what the actual fuck? You're as small as a tube of toothpaste.

And if that weren't enough, you got kidnapped,

Oh, of course you're a man, sarcasm you ding bat.

I'm the principle of miracles and lyrical meanings,

So go back to your cowboy, because you've just got a beating!

Buzz LightyearEdit

Big deal, I'm a toy? I've never been destroyed,

I escaped a house with a mental kid, I didn't need the cowboy.

Cos he's just as good as me, he's got his own work to do,

Wow, you landed on rock, I can do that too.

Little Bo Peep lost her sheep, she didn't know where they were,

So I did the dead for her, then let her take my sperm-

In sex, I'm complex, you see, you're just a me wanna be,

You're dead now anyway, i'm buzzing in the groovy movies!

Neil ArmstrongEdit

You broke your wing while trying to fly out of a window,

See, there's the difference, I'm a gremlin, you're the gizmo.

I can go on to dis you all day, but why would I wanna do that?

You're an emo with your hair and scared of pussy cats!

Buzz LightyearEdit

Come in Star Command, we've got a douchebag-

Who thinks just because he's a human, he can brag to me, catastrophe.

Oh, we'll see who he'll be when he stepped a step too far,

And after I've whooped his ass on the farest far out star.

Take your flag and shove it up your ass,

When you're looking at me, you're looking at class.

I've got a reason to be scared, I'm only have a foot long,

I've won this fair and square, to infinity and beyond!

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