Crazy Rap Battles 4 Margaret Thatcher VS Hillary Clinton01:49

Crazy Rap Battles 4 Margaret Thatcher VS Hillary Clinton


Crazy Rap Battles 4 Margaret Thatcher VS Hillary Clinton Instrumental01:48

Crazy Rap Battles 4 Margaret Thatcher VS Hillary Clinton Instrumental


Crazy Rap Battles 4 is the 4th Crazy Rap Battle. Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton go against each other to see who is the better politician.

Margaret ThatcherEdit

My name is Margaret Thatcher, call me the iron lady,

You think I'm all swat, but I'm the female Slim Shady.

They spent millions of pounds on my funeral, I'm the best,

First Prime Minister's vagina, I'm better than the rest.

Your National Health Reform must have got you in a mess,

You're an old stinking bitch, never seen you wear a dress.

Take that smile off your face, or I'll take it off for you,

Just like Obama did and Katie Couric did it too!

Hillary ClintonEdit

Stop this shit right now, my ear drum's gonna burst,

You were an alright politician, but Clinton's always first.

I'm sixty-odd years old, not much hate in my life,

Still got another thirty, Denis chose the wrong wife.

Everything you say to me cannot stop my power,

They should have buried you deep under the Jewel Tower.

So come at me, do your best, and all these cons, you must confess,

I am more, you are less, help yourself, and get some rest!

Margaret ThatcherEdit

What... a... peasant...

My rhymes are brought soothingly, why you calling someone dead, unpleasant?

You're a rip off to America and so is that Billy,

I should have dragged him into and played with his willy.

Why are you a politician with ambitions and decisions?

Giving people so much crap, like the stupid Eurovision.

You'll die soon, and go to hell, with your ideas, I can tell,

I'll get my Denis to throw your coffin down a manky old well!

Hillary ClintonEdit

Stop mentioning my husband, CIA will have your ghost,

You may have got your army when your country was getting roast.

But who wouldn't do that anyway? Your choices were so simple,

I'll make a replica of you, big nose and deep dimples.

I'm a feminine, not got adrenaline,

Not one nerve when I'm making speeches with the President.

Done, the story's said, you grew and had your wed,

And now you're in your bed, ding dong, the witch is dead!

Who Won?

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