Crazy Rap Battles 5 Milton Hershey VS Willy Wonka-0

Crazy Rap Battles 5 Milton Hershey VS Willy Wonka-0


Crazy Rap Battles 5 Milton Hershey VS Willy Wonka Instrumental

Crazy Rap Battles 5 Milton Hershey VS Willy Wonka Instrumental


Crazy Rap Battles 5 is the 5th Crazy Rap Battle. Milton Hershey and Willy Wonka go against each other to see who makes the better chocolate. Oompa Loompas also join in at the end to assist Wonka.

Milton HersheyEdit

Look into my chocolate, made best by Milton Hershey,

I'll give you the urge to get a drink, bitch I'll make you thirsty.                                            

Mr Wonka, you're a plonker, I'll give you a spanking, with my rankings,

I'm the founder of cocoa, it should be me you're freaking thanking.

You won't like me when I'm loose, spitting candy on your food,

I'll give you freaking nightmares, I'll whip you up in my mousse.

You're so crazy, god damn lazy, cannot travel, you're a Savile,

To that Charlie and those others who would rather eat gravel!

Willy WonkaEdit

Listen old man, take a break, I know you're fake,

I'll slap you awake, come into gates, and I'll bake you a cake.

You're alone, I've got workers saved from midget eating beasts,

Just swallow my magic gum and it'll feel like a full feast.

You're the least with your yeast and thin crumbly crap,

I'm a different kind of host with a different kind of rap.

I'm so vicious with my wishes for your company being blown,

And your fat ass ugly face getting directly owned!

Milton HersheyEdit

Woah, woah, woah, hoe n' bow, why do you row-

Faster, faster on that boat? You need to slow down bro.

I make a million of my products and that's just the wrappers alone,

Dwag, I'm a rapper alone, you're a dick with all your clones.

You'll be snapped like a joint on my back, how about that?

Check my name on the packs while I'm emptying the sacks-

Full of money, you bunny, you're really not that funny,

I'll shit some chocolate out on you, like sticky runny honey!

Willy WonkaEdit

That's just random and gross, you're about to get roast,

These people aren't my clones, they're just workers in their zones.

Like an opponent of Mohammed Ali and his fists,

Here's my Oompa Loompas, you've just took a high risk!

Oompa LoompasEdit

What's up dick? We'll make you sick, we rolled up some fat pricks,

We shrunk a guy, he nearly died and Salt went down the garbage pit.

You're a rip off with your prices like pointless herbs and spices,

Your choc is far too skinny and you didn't chose the wisest.

I'd rather eat a mini mart's own brand than your's,

If you wanna mess with us, we'll be messing with true gore.

We may look all stupid and insanely miniature,

But we sure served you with our rhymes and now we're the winners!

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