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Hello, my name is Jordan Rising. I'm 13 years old and I live in England in a town called Bolton. I love doing drama, rapping an active things, etc. Here, I will be telling you about myself. Call me Predator or Pred, as my wikia name is PredatorFan. I also have a YouTube channel called MCBustaBoy. I am the owner of this wiki as I created it and created the videos. If there is anything you would like to ask me, drop it down below in the comments :)


Okay, so I used to have an account called Jordanrising11, but apparently I started spamming on the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki and I was blocked for a long time. So then I thought, this is dissapointing and decided to create another account called PredatorFan. Firstly, it was a cooler name, and secondly, it was meaning I wanted to make a fresh start. And a month later, here I am with the Crazy Rap Battles wiki making my very own fan made rap battles :)


Right, basically I started making videos on YouTube about a year ago on my account called MCBustaBoy. They were crappy, kiddy, raps I made with bad lyrics, poor beats and junk skills overall. But then, I had the idea to create my own fan made rap battles, which gave me the oppurtunity to adapt on playing different roles as different characters and enjoy it more with awesome disses. Now, I also make bonus videos, explaining my accent and advertising the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki :)